AfroPolitan Berlin Performance-Panorama

Residency/workshop programme for (emerging) professional Black and Afrodiasporic performing artists (active) in Berlin, providing a platform to explore and develop performance works & concepts.

Applications open until  24th of April 2022 inclusive.


The AfroPolitan Berlin – Performance-Panorama offers performing artists an opportunity to develop themselves in protected, intersectional environments. It offers exchange and expansion of knowledge, networking and visibility among each other as well as across the board, resources and both financial and content-related support. Performing artists can develop autonomously, explore their own aesthetics, sharpen their perspectives, test methods and present insights into their work. The Performance Panorama consciously opens up spaces free from the paternalism of the dominant society and beyond established (structural) power and discrimination. Artistically directed and accompanied by Tessa Hart.



  • For Black and Afrodiasporic artists (active) in Berlin in the field of performing arts (also cross-disciplinary).
  • For (aspiring) professional solo artists or collectives.
  • Particularly suitable for new collectives and emerging artists.
  • Collectives can consist of a maximum of 5 artists.
  • Collectives that are only partly made up of Black artists may also be able to participate after consultation; the prerequisite is that the Black artists act in (co-)decision-making positions and that in these collectives even more so everyone reflects on their own privileges, positionings and expectations.


  • Support for independent further development processes (general period between May and August 2022, over several individually coordinated dates)
  • Provision of rehearsal rooms / premises
  • Dramaturgical support 
  • Needs-based organisational advice
  • Mentoring with Black/Afrodiasporic mentors from the (Berlin) performance/cultural scene
  • Exchange with all supported artists
  • Work-In-Progress-Showcase at Forum Brasil in Kreuzberg, with invitation of industry guests, in September 2022
  • Image & documentation material / marketing support
  • Remuneration for development processes and showcase



If you are interested in participating in the AfroPolitan Berlin – Performance-Panorama, please send us short overviews of the following information, via texts, video and/or audio formats, depending on what you prefer and have, in (at least primarily) German and/or English spoken or written language:

  • Name of the performance project
  • Presentation of the project or concept ideas
  • Overview of the status of the work process
  • Why is the Performance-Panorama important for your further development?

Applications and questions to:

Applications are open until 24 April 2022 inclusive!

Even as a very small project, we always strive to be able to meet accessibility needs and there are also specific funds available for this purpose, please feel free to give us relevant notices in the submission, if necessary.

This programme is aimed at Black people; this includes other self-designations such as African, Afrodiasporic, Afro-German, Afropean; this means people who belong to the African Diaspora; those who experience anti-Black racism.

AfroPolitan Berlin – Performance-Panorama is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

AfroPolitan Berlin c/o Forum Brasil e.V, Möckernstraße 72, 10965 Berlin

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